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We prefer to pair our G&Ts with Fever-Tree Premium Tonic Waters.
With their carefully selected natural botanicals and perfect carbonation, Fever-Tree tonics have been crafted to enhance the taste of Gin.
All of the below are served as either a single or a double measurement served in a balloon glass, adorned with fruit infused garnished and botanicals for an enhanced flavour experience.

Prices are 50ml measures


Victoria ‘Pink Gin’ £8.50

A traditional, well balanced, juniper lead London dry blended with aromatic bitters. A smooth and floral with a gentle hint of spiced bitters.
Lemon, lime wheel, strawberry, slim tonic


Bols £9

A Dutch Genever styled gin, which is very unique in flavour. An old school dry gin, however soft on the palate.
Orange, lemon peel, tonic bitters, Indian tonic


Bombay £9.50

Typical London dry styled gin, sharp and crisp.
Lime, mint, rosemary, Indian tonic


Bathtub Gin £9

Distilled in a copper pot, so flavours are more perfumed and bold on the palate.
Orange, cardamom pods, Indian tonic


Little Bird £10

London dry, but with orange and grapefruit botanicals which makes it sweeter
Grapefruit, orange peel, orange bitters, Mediterranean tonic


Bloom £10

A floral gin by nature, botanicals include honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile.
Lime, raspberries, juniper berries, elderflower tonic


Hendricks £11

Rose and cucumber distilled in separate copper pots before being brought together.
Strawberries, cucumber, tonic bitters, elderflower tonic


Martin Millers £11.50

Made by the ways of old, with the old school botanicals, but its crispness comes from the Icelandic water
Strawberries, coriander, cubeb, Mediterranean tonic


Eden Mill £12.50

Key botanicals of rose petals and hibiscus, gives it soft floral notes
Mint, grapefruit, raspberries, elderflower tonic


Monkey 47 £13

Robust and complex with plenty of spice and fruit, with a botanical sweetness
Satsuma, basil, orange bitters, Mediterranean tonic

Elephant £13.50

African inspired distilled with botanicals like the buchu plant and devil’s claw. 15% of their profit goes to two African elephant foundations. Floral and spicy notes with fruits undertone.
Apple, orange peel, ginger bitters, Indian tonic


McQueen Citrus Gin £14

Packed with citrus botanicals with an aftertaste of hints of vanilla.
Lemon, grapefruit, kaffir lime leaves, aromatic tonic

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