White Wine

1 2015 Vermentino/Colombard Terrasses D'Alleutier, Vin de France £16.50
Clear straw colour. Very expressive nose of gooseberry, apples and white fruits.

2 2015 Chardonnay Tierra Alta, Central Valley, Chile £17.50
Dry, tropical fruit character, butter and light oak tones, medium-full body. Great with fish & poultry dishes

3 2015 Bacchus New Hall Vineyards, Essex, United Kingdom £19.00
Medium dry, exotic fruit character, medium-full body, great with spicy & chilli dishes

4 2013 Sauvignon Blanc Comte de la Boisserie,Vin de Pays de Loire, France £19.00
Dry with leafy aromas, a pure dry sauvignon from the Loire. Typical currant and leaf aromas with lasting flavour.

5 2014/15 Pinot Grigio Prima Alta, Veneto Italy £19.50
Light and dry with a floral orange blossom nose and a peachy, lemon sherbert , medium boded.

6 2015 Roussane -Vermentino Domaine de Mus, Languedoc, France £21.00
Dry, summer yellow fruit basket with tones of exotic fruits too, full smooth body, balanced acidity, best with salmon, trout, hake & poultry dishes

7 2015 Chenin Blanc Culemborg, South Africa £22.00
Off-dry, lemony with honey aromas, medium bodied, best with seafood & salads

8 2014/15 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Bouchon Family Wines, Colchagua Valley, Chile £23.00
Dry, white flowery tones of citrus fruits, ripe summer fruits aftertaste, medium bodied, best enjoy with fish & shellfish dishes.

9 2015 Viognier, Les Salices Francois Lurton, Languedoc, France £24.00
Off-dry, ripe citrus & yellow plum notes, white pepper notes, medium bodied, best enjoy with chicken salads, vegetables purées poultry dishes with ginger or coconut & cheeseboards.

10 2015 Pinot Grigio La di Motte, Vinicola Botter,Veneto, Italy £26.50
Dry, citrus, apples & hints of tarragon, medium bodied, best enjoy with chicken salads, grilled or fried fish, poultry & cheese sauces & soufflés.

11 2015 Rioja Blanco Edulis Bodegas Altanza, Rioja, Spain £27.50
Dry, flowery with tones of grapefruit & lime, medium bodied, best enjoyd with chicken salads, fried fish & creamy sauces.

12 2015 Gavi di Gavi Salluvii Castallari, Piemonte, Italy £31.50
Dry, citrus and tropical fruits with mineral finish, medium bodied.

13 2015 Sauvignon Blanc Weka, Ohua, New Zealand £33.00
Weka wines are named after the unique Weka bird of New Zealand. Weka is a zesty vibrant wine with hints of passion fruit and citrus flavours.

14 2015 Pinot Blanc Reserve Fernand Engel, Alscace, France £34.00
Off-dry, full bodied wine with buttery texture and apple, summer fruits aromatic character with a mineral finsih. Best enjoy with shellfish, buttered fried fish, roasted chicken or pork.

15 2014/15 "Santorini Gavalas Winery, Santorini, Greece " £35
Bone-dry, citrus and flinty mineral finish, medium bodied. Best enjoy with shellfish, fried, baked, grilled, smoked or steamed fish, roasted chicken or lamb cutlets & fish or shellfish.

16 2014 "Chardonnay Secret Cellars, Montery County, USA" £36.00
The cooling influence of Monterey Bay extends the grapes growing season, producing a style of Chardonnay that is elegant and minerally in character. Excellent with pan fried or grilled seafood / shellfish and roast chicken.

17 2015 Chablis Alain Geoffroy, Burgundy, France £38.00
Bone-dry, citrus and flinty mineral finish, medium bodied, best enjoy with roasted poultry shellfish, grilled or steamed fish or shellfish sauces.

18 2015 Sancerre Vincent Delaporte, Loire, France £48.00
Dry, apple, lemon, lime, grapefruit, earl grey tea, boxwood, rhubarb, blackcurrant, kiwi medium-full bodied. Match with shellfish, grilled or steamed fish with creamy sauces.

19 2014 Riesling Potter Valley (single vineyard) Chateau Montelena, Napa Valley, California, USA £53.00
Off-dry, sweet apples, white peach, apricot, candied orange with citrus with hints of smoke & petrol, medium body with great acidity levels. Best enjoy with roasted or grill pork, calf, oriental or spicy dishes, seafood & poultry dishes.

20 2014 Pouilly Fuisse Maison Matisco, France £56.00
An exceptional Pouilly Fuisse from the Maconnais area of Burgundy. Only the lightest touches of oak are used which give a pronounced flavour of hazelnut and hints of vanilla.


Red Wine

30 2015 Merlot/Grenache Terrasses D'Alleutier, Vin de France £16.50
A very soft southern French red in an attractive fruit driven style. A good choice with lamb, beef or duck.

31 2015 Montepulciano d' Abruzzo Villa Enzo, Abruzzo, Italy £17.00
Off-dry. Lots of cherry fruit, smooth tannins and mellow medium body. Unoaked.

32 2015 Merlot J. Bouchon Family Wines, Maipo Valley, Chile £19.50
Off-dry, soft, mellow wine with red cherry & blackberry tones and hints of sweet spices.

33 2015 Rioja Cofrade, Rioja, Spain £20.00
A beautiful soft, oak aged Rioja, rich and velvety with notes of vanilla and spice.

34 2015 Merlot Chateau Lepine, Bordeaux Rouge, France £22.00
Situated in Loupiac, south west of St Emilion. This Bordeaux offers a rich yet soft, fruit driven taste, which is perfect with lamb and game.

35 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Bouchon Family Wines, Maipo Valley, Chile £22.50
Dry, very aromatic and intense Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile with complex bouquet of cassis, wood tones & mint & long aftertaste. Full bodied.

36 2014 Pinot Noir Chevalier Georges, Vin De Pay's D'oc, France £25.00
A lovely soft Pinot Noir with overtones of cherries from the south of France. An elegant wine with soft, cherry and raspberry vegetal fruit characters.

37 2015 Malbec Raleo Mendoza, Argentina £25.50
Sourced from high altitude vineyards in Mendoza. The Raleo Malbec is rich yet smooth with dark juicy brambly fruit flavours. Perfect by itself or with lamb, steak and duck.

38 2013 Negramaro Donna Marzia Conti-Zecca, Puglia, Italy £26.00
Dry, very fruity with aromas of forest fruits, black & sour cherries, juicy plums, mellow spices and soft rounded tannins. Medium- full bodied.

39 2014 Château des Pertonniéres Beaujolais, Burgundy, France £27.50
One of the oldest Beaujolais houses in Burgundy but also one of the best. Rich fruit and low alcohol with great aromatic character.Light-medium bodied & dry.

40 2014 Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge Famille Jaume, Rhone, France £28.00
This Côtes-du-Rhône shows all the classic Rhône notes of dark berry fruits and spice, particularly pepper and Provencal herbs such as rosemary.


41 2014 Barbera del Monferato Viniviticola Luigi Tacchino, Piemonte, Italy £30.00
Bone dry wine with exceptionally food friendly qualities with a wide food spectrum from starters to juicy red meat & game based mains or bitter chocolate desserts.

42 2012 Rioja Bordón Crianza Franco-Españolas, Rioja, Spain £31.00
Dry, fine quality, elegant and very concentrated Rioja from well looked after Tempranillo vines. Rich red fruits, balanced tannins with great complexity of spices, cocoa & cedar.

43 2014 Mr Borio Pinotage Simonsig Estates, Stellenbosch, South Africa £32.00
Simonsig is undoubtelly one of the best Pinotage producers in South Africa if not the best one. Rich plum & berry fruit basket with vanilla,earth & gamey character. Dry & full bodied.

44 2014 Malbec Reserva, Francois Lurton, Piedra Negra, Argentina £33.00
Dry, juicy Malbec with excellent structure, body & smooth intense finish with hints of smoke & spice. Full bodied.

45 2012 Mr Borio Shiraz Simonsig, Stellenbosch, South Africa £34.00
Dry, A beautifully, bold black wine with a poweful bouquet of black fruits, berries, spice & smoke. A true partner for a grilled juicy steak. Heavy bodied.

46 2015 Fleurie Le Vivier Domaine de Grand Garant, Burgundy, France £35.00
Ripe rich fruit in this generous wine. The acidity gives fresh support to the warm cherry and red plum fruits. Underneath, tannins offer a dry core to the wine, allowing it to age for few years. Great with charcuterie, mushrooms, tomato goat cheese and grilled flaky fish.

47 2014 Canto Norte Bouchon Family Wines, Maule Valley, Chile £36.00
Dry with medium body and smooth velvety texture. A classic Bordeaux blend with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc from the cool

Maule Valley. Intense and powerful aromatic bouquet of blueberries, raspberries, wineberries & tones of graphite, sweet spices and mineral finish. A great wine to enjoy with grilled red meat, game & rich sauces.

48 2008 Château La Gorce Médoc, Bordeaux, France £38.00
Dry, full bodied Bordeaux with powerful oak & wood tones, cassis & cherry fruit, toasted bread , smoke, black tar, coffee & vanilla finish. Great Bordeaux dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon flavours.

49 2015 Pinot Noir Secret Cellars, Montery County, USA £38.00
A very classy wine with aromas of black cherries, plum , French oak infused caramel and spice. Excellent with grilled or herb roast chicken, tuna salmon or duck.

50 2014 Vacqueyras Domaine de Vervine, Rhone, France £49.00
A beautifully, bold ruby coloured wine with a real earthy feel. Spicy and woody on the nose with pleasant, mouthwatering red fruit flavours

Rosé Wine

21 2015 Pinot Grigio Rosato, Col Di Sotto, Italy £17.00
Dry,pale blush rose, light with hints of summer fruit.

22 2014/15 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Rosato J. Bouchon Family, Chile £20.00
Off-dry, medium-full bodied with aromatic character of forrest fruits, rosewater & balanced acidity.

23 2015 Côte de Provence Rosé Cuvée des Lices, Ravoire & Fils, France £28.00
Dry, medium bodied with aromas of strawberries, cream & rosewater. Typical Rosé from Provence with a salmon-pink colour and a creamy texture.

24 2015 Sancerre Rosé Domaine Vincent Delporte, France £42.00
Stylish pale Pinot Noir rose with lifted flavours and aromas of attractive strawberries and fresh fruit. Great with light dishes such as chciken or seafood or simply by itself.


Half Bottles


501W 2014 Chablis Alain Geoffroy, Bourgundy France £22.00

502W 2014/15 Sancerre Domaine Delaporte, Loire, France £27.00

503W 2015 Puligny - Montrachet 'Les Enseigneres' Domaine Chavy-Chouet, Burgundy, France £30.00


505R 2011 Château Damase Savignac de I Isle, Bordeaux 19

504R 2014 Fleurie Le Viver Domaine De Garant, Burgundy, France 25

506R 2012/13 Vacqueyras Domaine de Vervine, Rhone, France 26

507R 2009/10 Châteauneuf du Pape, Les Garriques de Pierrefeau,Rhone, 38


Dessert Wine

509D 2015 Muscat of Alexandria, Lemnos Island Cooperative, Greece £25.00
Pale lemon green in colour, very aromatic nose of greeny grass aromas, citric fruit and rose. The aromas are crisp but elegant and does not have the overt muscat tell tale aroma but a more subtle tone of it. Aftertaste is very crisp with a slighty citrus finish.

510D 2015 Elysium Black Muscat California, USA £28.00
Black in colour with rose like aroma, very intense on the palate and full of rich velvety fruit. Great with chocolate or simply by itself.

511D 2011 Maury Mas Amiel, Vin Doux naturel, France £29.50
The Mas Amiel vintage is made from 100% grenache. It is rich and sweet with rich black fruit flavours. It is the perfect wine to go with fine dark chocolate.

512D 2010 Bastor-Lamontage, Sauternes, France £32.00
80% Semillion, 17% Sauvignon, 3% Muscadelle. In this blend, Sauvignon brings its trademark grassy aromas, while Semillon adds a touch of complexity and a waxy, honeyed note. Muscadelle, the lesser-known of the three varieties, contributes grapey aromas.

513D 2012 Vidal Inniskillin Icewine Gold Label, Canada £110.00
Vidal is a thick skinned grape, which makes is perfect for making icewine where the grapes are frozen on the vine. When crushed, the water is removed as ice leaving a very powerful sweet nectar.


Connoisseur Wine


Fine White Wine

101 Château de Landiras Blanc 2014 Graves, Bordeaux, France £47.50
Three parts Semillon & one part Sauvignon Blanc with long ageing on the lees and plenty of battonage give this wine its amazing roundness and smoothness. On the palette lemon maringue, lime cream, summer herbs & hints of honey with mineral finish. Great with seafood and rich white sauces.

102 Chablis Premier Cru 2011 Alain Geoffroy, Burgundy, France £57.50
Pale yellow with a hint of green colour. Nose begins softly and then broadens widely as the minutes pass, with yellow stone fruit and lees. On the palate, the generous acidity and lean fruit structure presses on the tongue with mouth watering chalk and lemon peel and sea salt.

103 Old Stones Chardonnay 2012 Bergström Winery, Oregon, USA £64.50
A very mineral and vibrant Chardonnay from Oregon, USA. Intense lemon acidity on the palate with green apple, melon and lime peel with unique buttery lees aftertaste softened by tones of toffee, toasted oak, vanilla.

104 Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 2014 Les Garrigues de Pierrefeu,RhoneValley, France £68.75
Great concentration wine made from Clairette, Viognier & Roussanne grapes. Rich, summer fruits with mellow wood tones, sweet spices and great complexity of mineral tones. Very elegant and great match to meaty fish, shellfish and rich white sauces. 125ml £14 .00 250ml £28.00

105 Puligny-Montrachet, 'Les Ensegneires' 2014 Domaine Chavy-Chouet, Burgundy, France £75.00
A nose of white flowers and gentle citrus fruit, the palate crackles with stoney minerality and wonderful tension. This is a dry elegant wine that rounds out with notes of cream on the finish, perfect to be partnered with white meat dishes and white fish with rich sauces.

106 Sancerre 'La Grande Cote' 2014 Francois Cotat, Loire, France £79.50
A rare and much sought after grower. Francois Cotat produces idiosyncratic, complex and age worthy Sancerres from his tiny 3 hectare estate. The cultivation is arduous and must be done entirely by hand. The grapes are late picked for maximum flavour.

107 Chateau Carbonnieux Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux, France £125.00
Made from low yield Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon grapes in the microclimate of Pessac-Leognan.Great fruit complexity with a bouquet of summer fruits, oak, vanilla, butter & nuts.

Fine Red Wine

108 Paliokalias Dalamaras Winery, Naoussa, Greece £55.00
 Leather, gamey aromas, very complex bouquet of cherries, olives, tomato leaf & eathy tones with mellow yet firm tannins & long aftertaste. Medium-full bodied. Best enjoyed with game, roasted pork & lamb. Made 100% from Ksinomavro, Greece's answer to Pinot Noir.

109 Flambandou Mas Coutelou, Languedoc, France £68.50
Dry. Made only in exceptionally sunny years from eighty years plus old Carignan vines. It masters fine lamb, game & grilled meat wine. Just 1300 bottles made in 2013.

110 Pesquera Reserva Alejandro Fernandez, Ribera del Duero, Spain £69.50
Medium to full bodied, with roses and berries aromas and very elegant bouquet of cedar wood, raspberry and red cherry, tobacco, vanilla, mocha with hints of pomegranate and touch of clove & liquerice. Great with game dishes, poultry & red sauces.

111 Châteauneuf du Pape Les Garriques de Pierrefeau,Rhone, France £79.50
The aromas are powerful and elegant, with notes of cherry and raspberry, as well as hints of cedar wood evolving towards gamey touches. A fine wine for game & poultry roasted dishes but also thick flesh fish & mushrooms based sauces.

112 Nuit Saint Georges 'Les St Julien' Chevillon-Chazeaux,Burgundy, France £85.00
The aromas are powerful and elegant, with notes of cherry and raspberry, as well as hints of cedar wood evolving towards gamey touches. A fine wine for game & poultry roasted dishes but also thick flesh fish & mushrooms based sauces.

113 Château Ségla Château Rauzan-Ségla, Margaux, Bordeaux, France £89.50
59% Cabernet Sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 3.5% PetitVerdot , 1.5% Cabernet Franc. Mellow ripe tannins and full bodied with intense blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry, tobacco leaf, wood, sweet spices & savoury finish. Match with meat based sauces, beef cuts and smoked dishes.

114 Pommard Domaine Christophe Vaudoisey, Burgundy, France £92.00
Very concentrated wine with a velvety and elegant fruit texture of strawberries & raspberries, mellow tannins & smooth body. Good partner for game & smoked meat.Made from old Pinot Noir vines, hand picked and carefully made from the third generation of the Mortet family.


115 Château de Pez Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France £115.00

In the 17th century, the château was owned by the Pontac family who also owned Château Haut-Brion. Today the château is owned by the champagne house Louis Roederer since 1995. Probably the best Cru Bourgeois Superieur in Bordeaux.


115a 2005 Château Pavie, Aromes de Pavie Saint Emillion, Bordeaux, France £155.00
Fully matured medium bodied Claret with intense red fruit, mellow spices, soft tannins, smooth elegant character & oaky tones. Perfect match for grilled red meat and peppery sauces. Great vintage from this great Château.

116 1998 Château d' Ampuis Côte-Rôtie, Rhône Valley, France £175.00
The Chateau D'Ampuis displays deep dark color with mauve tints and aromas of spices, black fruits and delicate oak with a dense, expressive and intense nose. Flavors of prunes, blackberry and vanilla. Powerful, concentrated and structured palate.

117 1990 Château Talbot Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France £185.00
Soft ruby color, nice mellow nose w/very soft tannins. Held well to pallette without exceptional oakiness. Very strong legs. Opens as a flower with a soft fragrance. Taste of soft leather & mellow oakiness, not over bearing.

118 2002 Clos de Vougeot Frederic Esmonin, Bourgogne, France £190.00
"Earthy, expressive and intense aromas introduce austere yet sweet medium weight, relatively robust and powerful flavors underpinned by firm, dusty tannins that are completely buffered by impressive levels of sap. A fine Pinot Noir indeed.

119 1999 Château Palmer Margaux, Bordeaux, France £329.00
Moderate acidity; pleasantly lush & silky mouthfeel; surprisingly smooth and rounded tannins. Taste of blackcurrant with hints of spice, tobacco & mushrooms in the mouth. Lovely, evolving finish which lasted forever. Ideal with rich sauces, stews & steaks.

120 1953 Château Latour Grand Cru Pauillac, Bordeaux, France £595.00
Cassis, dry red fruits, cedar & caramel. Very good concentration, complete integrated palate, shy red fruit driven palate impression, good acidity, no noticeable tannins and good length with cedary finish. One of the best Pauillac vintages of the last century if not the best.

121 1999 Château Margaux Margaux, Bordeaux, France £695.00
Tobacco, coffee, violets and earthy plums and spices. Christmas pudding and exotic continental black chocolates, black fruited; really sophisticated and nuanced plums, white flowers, dried flowers with bright acidity. A masterpiece!


Sparkling & Champagne

150 Prosecco Superior Asolo Extra Brut £30.00

151 Raventos Roig Cava Brut, Penedes, Spain £32.00

152 Beaumont des Crayères Champagne Brut Grande Réserve,Champagne,France £50.00
Stewed fruits and dried citrus fruits, biscuit, brioche, honey, plum, grapefruit and butter.

153 Beaumont des Crayères Rosé Brut, Champagne, France £55.00
On the nose very fruity with a very nice flower mix of roses and red berries. Bread, red apples and a hint of red grapefruit aftrtaste.

154 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut Champagne, France £60.00
Beautiful colour with straw-yellow highlights. Abundant fine bubbles. Intense, pleasant on the nose. Fruity at first, then hawthorn-flowery and slightly musky.

155 Bollinger Speciale Cuvée Champagne, France £62.00
Soft, light and fresh in style and very elegant champagne. One of the most popular champagne names. Grand Cuvee is the house's 'signature' curvee.

156 Laurent Perrier Brut, Champagne, France £65.00
Pale golden colour, rich yet subtle bouquet with hints of hawthorn, citrus and almonds. Clean with a creamy structure, combining all the fruitiness and freshness of youth with all the essential character of a fully matured wine.

157 Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne, France £80.00
Pale cherry-red in colour with a rich blackcurrant and raspberry nose. The palate is elegant and lengthy, with soft, consistent bubbles, ripe red fruits such as raspberries and strawberries and a clean, soft finish with a creamy texture.

158 Billecart-Salmon Rosé, Champagne, France £105.00
The most famous pink Champagne in the world with its typical salmon-pink colour and its smooth and velvety cream and strawberry field forever in the mouth.

159 Bollinger Grand Année 2005 £155.00
It is pale yellow in colour with shades of straw, on the nose has initial aromas of acacia honey and fresh almonds giving way to notes of dried apricots and toasted brioche.

160 Louis Roederer Cristal 2006 £225.00
Cristal bursts from the glass with fresh hazelnut and apple scents. Elegant, deep, and silky-textured, this medium to full-bodied beauty is immensely concentrated, pure, packed with apple flavours, and astoundingly long finish.

161 Ace of Spades Armand de Brignac, Champagne NV £325.00

Armand de Brignac's Ace of Spades is quite possibly the world's most prestigious non-vintage Champagne. At one blind tasting, Armand de Brignac was voted the best Champagne in the world. The labels for the bottle are made of real pewter, which is polished and applied by hand. On the nose it is aromatic and rich with notes of brioche, creamy vanilla, racy, peppy red fruit and fresh floral notes. On the palate it is silky and very thick, with notes of toasted brioche with butter and apricot jam. Spiced and warming.

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